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Accounting Financial Statement Client Write-up Service

-        Managerial accounting from general ledger implementation with industry proprietary contra accounts through financial reporting and analysis

-        Financial Statement implementation from single reporting through departmental and consolidated statements with industry driven and proprietary ratios

-        Reconciliation of all accounts including accounts payable and receivables 

-        Compilation of Financial Statements daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reporting

o   Traditional client write-up, Steinhauer & Company accumulates, enters and post entries to the general ledger from check stubs, deposits and bank statements

o   Download bank transactions and create entries based on pivot tables. Costs are much less with this approach. Great for clients who need financial statement for year-end tax reporting.

o   Educate clients with their choice of automated bookkeeping software as QuickBooks or industry driven software.

o   Provide services working with financial institutions, investors with due diligence


Business Management Advisory Service

-        Work with clients in identifying and implementing quality control, efficiencies, industry mythologies, benchmarks

-        Asset retention and evaluation through contra accounts, variances and other means of management reporting in turn assures that assets are controlled, protected and accounted

-        Financial and operational goal setting and benchmarking, comprehensive management planning and reporting through data mining, pivot tables and dashboarding

-        Education through video conferencing as Skype, Facetime, remote conferencing and screen shots and interactive Dashboards using Adobe Acrobat HTML, MS Office Word, PowerPoint platforms.

Taxation - Individual and Business Returns

-        E-Filed Individual Returns Forms 1040, Business Forms Schedule C, 1120-S, 1120, 1065, 990, 990-T with K-1 and payroll federal and state reporting and more

-         Client secured portal for documentation submission and retrieval with Steinhauer & Company, use link below to access portal




-         All tax returns are reviewed with client and accountant for completion via in house, phone, E-mail

-         All workpapers and returns are saved for clients in the case of loss or destruction

- Competitive pricing call for details.

-         Small firm complete confidentiality